5 shrouded costs you must not overlook when buying Apartments in Chandigarh

Buying an apartment involves a lot of research work and brainstorming. Starting from the location to amenities, there is nothing one must leave out, while looking for an apartment. Chandigarh is quintessential city that offers a very high standard of living. Most potential buyers looking for an apartment in Chandigarh incline towards luxury apartments in Chandigarh because of the absolutely lavish lifestyle the city proffers.

However, one of deciding factors remains the property rates. Even though property details are clearly specified, one tends to ignore the hidden costs that one pays.

Property in Chandigarh and Property in New Chandigarh are highly in demand in the present time, due to the amenities provided.

Some of the main things to keep in mind to make a good decision regarding property rates are as follow:

Stamp Duty: It is a compulsory fee that buyers have to pay the state government to get a house registered under their name. These charges may differ, however, must be kept in mind. It is a requisite of proof to get stamp duty.
Maintenance Charges:
Most builders charge an advance maintenance fee or deposit of up to to 2 years. It is for security reasons and includes the maintenance fee. It is charged as a deposit which is to be used in case of any damages that may incur in the near future. The maintenance charges may vary in accordance to the standard of amenities the respective society provides.
Parking Space:
Parking space is an issue faced by many potential home buyers as it incurs extra charges. Parking Space is not included when you buy a house or even an apartment. It depends on the available amount of parking space, and that further defines the fee charged. This fee has to be paid by buyers as an additional charge, if this amount isn’t paid the parking space may be sold to another person in the same society needing more than one parking space.
Interiors are an additional and unavoidable cost that one has to pay while buying a new apartment. The amount one wishes to spend on interiors depend solely upon them, however it costs atleast a bare minimum of undeniable amount.
GST is another unavoidable cost one must pay while buying a new apartment or home, considering Chandigarh property details, it is not exactly a hidden cost but one that may not come to your mind until the last moment.