Chd is one of the most quintessential and palatial places to be in, with its well-developed infrastructure and relatively low population density. Many people have an inclination towards the city due to the lifestyle and standard of living that the city lets you experience. Are you interested in real estate? Where can you get to know Chandigarh property details? What about Chandigarh property rates? These are some of the main questions that come to one’s mind while searching for the perfect real estate property for sale in Chandigarh.

Know your property in Chandigarh

The city is one of the best cities to live in, in accordance with various factors. The city is quinewntessentially known for its rather lavish and unique lifestyle and even though conventionally the city offers duplexes and villas, gradually people are also getting inclined towards independent flats in Chandigarh. In the meantime, residential property in Chandigarh for sale is on the rise in terms of availability of real estate. Now, if you are willing to invest in the city, you must consider residential flats, In the present time, the real estate market is at its high point with even the increasingly high demand for commercial places in the town for sale.

Chandigarh property rates

The main reason people generally go for 2BHK residential flats are due to property rates; as compared to another real estate project independent property in Chandigarh are more reasonably priced and feasible. You must know your property very vividly before investing. flat rates may seem high but they are quite justified considering everything the city Beautiful offers.

Payment Plan

Description3BHK Area 1150/-sq.f.t2BHK Area 850/-sq.f.t
Basic Sale Price (BSP)₹ 56,90,000/-₹ 46,90,000/-
Preferential Location Charges A Park*₹ 5% Of BSP₹ 5% Of BSP
Preferential Location Charges B Corner*₹ 5% Of BSP₹ 5% Of BSP
Preferential Location Charges C 1st Floor*₹ 2,00,000/-₹ 1,50,000/-
2nd Floor*₹ 1,50,000/-₹ 1,00,000/-
3rd Floor*₹ 1,00,000/-₹ 50,000/-
Club Membership₹ 2,00,000/-₹ 2,00,000/-
Covered Car Parking Charges₹ 2,00,000/-₹ 2,00,000/-
Power Back Up₹ 75,000/- ₹ 50,000/-
IFMS₹ 15/- Per Sq.f.t₹ 15/- Per Sq.f.t

Down Payment Plan

Booking Amount(10%) Of BSP + GST
Balance AmountWithin 30 Days

Construction Plan

S.No. Schedule Of Payment Percentage (0%) BST + GST
1At the time of Booking(10% Of BST) + GST
2On Agreement within 30 Days of Booking10% + GST + Other Charges
3On Starting of Excavation10% + GST
4On Foundation10% + GST
5On Completion of 2nd Floor Slab10% + GST
6On Completion of 4th Floor Slab7.5% + GST
7On Completion of 6th Floor Slab7.5% + GST
8On Completion of 8th Floor Slab7.5% + GST
9On Completion of 10th Floor Slab7.5% + GST
10On Completion of 13th Floor Slab7.5% + GST
11On Completion of External Finishing7.5% + GST
12At the time of Possession5% + GST

While most residents of the city that invest in real estate property for sale in Chandigarh prefer duplexes or villas, apartments in recent times are more convenient in terms of affordability as well as maintenance. When one buys an apartment the main amenities like Car parking, Power backup, wide internal roads, electricity supply, water supply as well as security, since you become part of a gated community, come along with the apartment. Other factors include easily available home loans. Considering Chd floor rates, while looking at property details, you need to discern which real estate will suit you best. Many residential projects have been established and many more are underway, adding to the property that you can invest in.

Chandigarh property details

Questions To considering – Chandigarh real estate for sale

What are the main questions while in consideration of real estate? Are you adamant on investing in an apartment?  There are many questions that arise in one’s mind while searching for an apartment. Is it an important asset in terms of real estate? and Is it in a gated community? Is it a semi-furnished or is it fully furnished? Does it come with power backup? Does it have ample car parking space, clubhouse and a play area for your children? All these questions are legit, however, these are all secondary.  The main question to take into consideration is where is the apartment located, the vicinity. People prefer to buy apartments in the most secure places with all the amenities like schools, hospitals, banks, markets located nearby.

Residential Property in Chandigarh

Since most of the projects are newly structured and built, the properties are rather up to date in terms of the technology used to build them, the amenities that you possess with the possession of the property. The city Beautiful is definitely one of the best cities to live in, considering everything that the City Beautiful has in store. Unlike most well-developed cities, the smart city, it is free from the problems that come with the progress. In comparison to most cities, it is free from the hassles of traffic as well as pollution and overpopulation.

Why Residential Property Chandigarh?

Chd is a new planned smart city, designed as an extension of the city. It is a haven for people who want to stay connected to the city yet are unable to afford real estate apartments. If you are looking for residential property in Chandigarh is an ideal choice. It is also an idyllic choice for people looking for commercial property for sale, especially those who can’t afford the commercial apartment, to buy commercial space. The city gives potential buyers looking for real estate for sale in Chandigarh an excellent opportunity. On Comparing Chd apartments rates, one can duly notice, that property is a way better option. Chd is an exemplary city in terms of everything, starting from amenities to connectivity and lifestyle.

Investing in real estate is an opportunity no one should miss, however, as time is passing, the population in This City is increasing, making it harder to possess an apartment. Subsequently, investing in the floor near Chandigarh is the next best option that one must grasp.

Why choose The Address for Residential & Commercial Property In Chandigarh

While considering apartments, The Address is just the address for you to possess. The ideal apartments in Chd for you to acquire. The Address is an absolutely perfect residential apartment with every amenity that one needs to carry out a more than a convenient lifestyle. It is an epitome of an ideal apartment near Chd, as it is zero KM away from the city. It is located within the heart of the town of Mullanpur. Considering the current scenario, Chd is an inevitable alternative and The Address is your way to make the most of it. The Address Group provides you luxury apartments at very affordable prices.

Prime Location – Chandigarh Property Details, Rates

The Address project is one of the newest and most prime locations to invest in the city. Even though it isn’t in the main Chd city, it is just as good as it is only 0 KM away from Chd. So, technically all the benefits of living in the city beautiful will be accessible by you. Real estate property for sale in Chandigarh at the moment is quite near impossible to possess due to Chandigarh property details. Chd real estate is a very good opportunity of investment in terms of its infrastructure as well as the living standard of its residents. The State is a hub of many commercial places for sale, as well as residential projects and many more, are still underway.


The Address is a very well connected society, it has all the means required to move to places within as well as outside the Town. The most important aspect to keep in mind is that The Address is 0 KM away from Chd which basically means it’s part of the city. The International Airport is only a 20-minute drive away from the Address. The nearest bus stand i.e. Sector 43 Bus Stand is only a 15-minute drive away.  Other than this, Panjab University is only a 10-minute drive away from The Address, PGI is a 10-minute drive away and Sukhna lake is a 20-minute drive away. Also, the New cricket stadium is a 2-minute drive away. The Address, in terms of connectivity, is absolutely the place to be in and around.

Affordable – Buy Commercial Space

Real estate apartments for sale are quite expensive as can be derived from property details. The Address is your way to avoid high Chd apartment rates. In the present time, many commercial, as well as residential projects, are underway. Potential buyers interested in real estate are lucky enough to have an undeniable opportunity. The Address offers you, affordable 2BHK and 3BHK apartments As compared to Chd real estate, Chd proffers you cost effective apartments. A person looking for a 2/3 BHK apartment can take advantage of reasonable prices over high rates. Since Chd is an emerging Town, owning a part of real estate, especially in the present time is an opportunity everyone should grab. The market value of the apartments, that can be bought at reasonable prices presently, will only increase with passing time, making it a good investment opportunity.

Valuable Commercial Property

The market of real estate is emerging and has been on a rise for as long as years. You can buy commercial space as well since a lot of commercial floor for sale is available. Comparing the property details to that of Chd, you can observe that commercial property in Chandigarh is pricey, so buy commercial space to get the advantage of lower prices. There is a lot of commercial real estate for sale. One of the best places to invest in real estate is in this city. Chd is an emerging town with its infrastructure being one of its main strengths. The Market value of each apartment is high and will furthermore increase provided that the town keeps up with the development that is presently underway.

The people looking for a reliable investment should surely go ahead for 2BHK/ 3BHK apartments proffered by the Address, Chd. It is very important to have the security of investments. In times of crisis that’s what can be a source of relaxation. Owning a part of The Address gives you an edge and an asset to posses, all in one.


The Vicinity that surrounds the 2BHK/ 3BHK apartments The Address provides apartments in Chd are absolutely ideal. Chd town is jam-packed with everything one needs to carry out a convenient and high standard of living. Every huge brand has made its way into the city. Every top-notch restaurant, hospital, school, and brand along with malls are prevalent in the city beautiful adding to the liveliness of the town and make it more appealing for the people. From amenities to affluence, the city has it all. The Address is 0 KM away from the main city of Chd, which makes all these facilities accessible to the residents.

If you refer to Chandigarh property details, you can infer that the vicinity of Chd is one of the main reasons people wish to live in Chd. The Address gives you a chance to make the most of the city. The City also offers potential buyers an opportunity to buy commercial space as a lot of commercial real estate for sale and available at lower and effective prices as compared to residential property.


Due to the factor that there are surplus residential projects as well as commercial property in Chandigarh, each of the complexes ensures that they provide the potential buyers the best of amenities. Each project tries to consign the best of facilities due to the positive competitive spirit. The Address proffers every amenity one needs and a lot more. From Wide Roads with Lush Green Area to Fire Fighting Systems and Earthquake Resistant Structure, The Address offers its residents everything. Many Indian buyers consider the Vastu of the apartments before buying it and The Address is Vastu Friendly.

For your and your family’s safety, The Address has a very good Surveillance Security System and Modern Street Light System. High-Speed Elevators and 24 X 7 Power backup are also accessible for the residents. Additional facilities like WIFI & DTH Services and Intercom Facility are also get-at-able.

Residential property in Chandigarh for sale

Since there is a lot of competition among the various project that offers 2BHK & 3BHk apartments, even though there is a lot of demand, each Residential property in Chandigarh offers the best of amenities and facilities in order to outshine the other. This makes every property live up to the expectations people have. Now, considering the fact that each flat offers the best of everything, you must very thoroughly go through real estate details and make the most of it.

The City Beautiful a place everyone wants to be a part of, projects that offer 2BHK apartments are an ideal opportunity to surely grab.

Commercial Property in Chandigarh for sale

The real estate market is on the rise isn’t only observed in residential complexes but also commercial property in Chandigarh for sale. The city has always been a commercial hub and day by day more and more commercial complexes are making their way into the city beautiful.